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Saab engines in the new Chinese Armored SUV BJ80

The new Chinese anti-riot SUV Beijing Auto BJ80 was unveiled on the 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show in China. This is a specila version of civil SUV BJ80C, and a common feature of both cars is that they are driven by the famous 2.3 Saab gasoline engines. However, BJ80 “Riot Control Car” which is not really a riot
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New SUV BJ80C will be powered by the Saab 2.3 turbo engine

These are the first spy photos of the new Beijing Auto BJ80D SUV in China. This SUV will be available in three versions –  BJ80C is the civilian version,  BJ80J is the military version, and the BJ80D is a civilian version with the diesel engine of the military version. The BJ80C will be powered by the Saab-developed
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