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Former Saab owner Spyker Declares Bankruptcy

Spyker‘s bankruptcy comes after years of financial struggles, which was exacerbated after it bought flagging Saab from General Motors in 2010 for $1.5 billion. Sports car maker Spyker on Thursday declared bankruptcy, with the small Dutch company that once competed in Formula 1 saying it could not stay afloat after losing a critical legal battle.
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Saab Owner Faces Bankruptcy Petition

The company that lifted Swedish automaker Saab out of bankruptcy is now facing financial difficulties of its own. On Tuesday a supplier petitioned a Swedish court to declare National Electric Vehicle of Sweden (Nevs) bankrupt. Labo Test, which supplies test equipment for car parts, said Nevs had failed to pay bills of 150,000 kronor ($22,000)
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SAAB filed for bankruptcy

Swedish carmaker “Saab”, initiated bankruptcy proceedings after the last failed attempt to survive in the market, when the former owner of “General Motors” blocked rescue deal with Chinese company to investors. Officials “Saab” today filed bankruptcy documents. The current owner of the “Saab”, “Svidiš car”, which is 2010. Bought the company from “General Motors”, said
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