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Strong Sleeper: Saab 900 NG (616 hp / 700 Nm)

This monstrous tuned Saab 900 NG was built in Finland, right next to the city of Helsinki. Proud Owner of this car Toni Jarimo has a lot invested in Saab 900 NG, and in cooperation with the tuning house NF Metals they have made a miracle – a monster that is the last dyno-measurement showed 616 hp / 700 Nm! Outwardly, the Saab
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Monster: Saab B234 (700hp) in 1956 Morris Minor

After Urchfab – Amazing Saab Hot Rod (Classic Hotrod with Saab engine), here’s another interesting swap project –  1956 Morris Minor with 700hp Saab engine. Saab engine of 700 horses in a Morris Minor 1956 – Kim from Sweden has built a cute monster that you can read about in Bilsport 14-15 / 2016. This Morris
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Tests in 2016: Saab turbo boat

You might remember Saab boat with two Saab turbo engine. Its basis is known Vator NV11 boat 22 feet long. (Vator Oy, a legendary finnish boat manufacturer founded 1938. After Vator sold it’s boat manufacturing business to Flipper in 1986, Vator focused primarily on importing Mercury/Mercruiser products.) Its factory engine a few years ago has been replaced
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Saab 9-5 by NORDIC from Russia

This beautiful Saab 9-5 tuned by NORDIC come to us from Russia. In this 9-5 is embedded B234 engine block from Saab 9000 with Turbo TD04HL-20T 7cm by Mamba; then new intercooler do88 600 x 300 x 76mm; Fuel Injectors Siemens Deka 875cc and much, much  more modifications. Outside, the Saab 9-5 is entirely in the factory stock state, but inside it
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Honda N600 With A Saab B234 engine and Saab 900 Drivetrain

Honda N360 is a kei car, manufactured and marketed by Honda from March 1967 through 1970. After a January 1970 facelift, the N360 became the NIII360 and continued in production until June 1972. A larger-engined variant, the N600, was marketed through 1973. The 24 Hours of LeMons is a series of endurance races held on paved
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Andy builds Saab 9000 TwinTurbo

Well-known Swedish tuner Andreas Andy Gidlund working on a new project –  Saab 9000 TwinTurbo (B234 2.3t -98). Among the ingredients in this project can be inferred T5 cams, T7 gasket, X-pipe for twin turbo, dual 2.5 “downpipe down to 3-inch systems, 880 cc injectors, 040 -pump, 50 mm TiAl dump, Quaife diff  and so on.
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SAAB powered Opel Vectras

This is Interesting story about the Opel Vectras in which are inserted Saab B204 engines. Below, you can read the most interesting parts of this great “swap” story. The B204, was based on the 9000’s B234, but in order to make the engine fit in the 900 the engine had to be shortened. This meant that
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Boat with 2 Saab’s turbocharged engines

Boat: Vator 22 ft. with two turbocharged SAAB B234 engines. Acitune YT user has uploaded this Interesting video. Some boat owner got rid of their old Mercruisers and put a Saab’s engines instead, . These are an early tests nad So here we are :)