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Saab 9-3 Convertible Ad: “Last Object Of Desire”

This interesting Saab 9-3 Convertible Ad created by two Advertising agencies “The Family”  and “Leagas Delaney” from Milan (Italy), and is named “Last Object Of Desire“. Once (2004), Leagas Delaney has won the multimillion pound pan-European launch project for Saab’s 9-3 diesel model (TTiD), in another blow to troubled Lowe, which will play only a supporting role
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“Saab vs.” Advertising campaign

“Saab vs.” Advertising campaign launched in 1999. Was one of the more interesting promotional campaign from the automotive industry, one successful, all in the spirit of the unusual SAAB brand. The campaign worked Martin Agency and its creative director Kerry Feuerman said that for a year and a half doing research on brands before they
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Car Collision Safety

Like the Outdoor struggle between the brands BMW and Audi, as well as a couple of Swedish Volvo-SAAB likes to spar, at least in the field of advertising. Both brand known globally recognizable by their attributes, safety and reliability, and on the field and draw the most. One of the most endearing “rival” commercials, the
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