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THAT’s what makes a SAAB a SAAB

This Dutch 2007 advertising campaign explained what it was that made a SAAB a SAAB. SAAB truly is a unique car brand. SAABs are different. This Dutch campaign explains SAAB’s unique qualities: “SAABs are built to endure Swedish weather and road conditions. THAT’s what makes a SAAB a SAAB.” SAAB commuters every day endure road
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Saab Convertible in Chloé Fall-Winter 2014 Ad Campaign

On a gravel road in a deserted landscape, two girls make their escape… in SAAB Convertible… All roads lead to adventure. The Paris-based luxury house Chloé is revealing its Fall-Winter 2014 campaign starring Russian model Sasha Pivovarova and Romanian Andreea Diaconu with a series of step-by-step teasers.