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Print your new SAAB emblem for boot/tailgate strip

Thingiverse member “sitenight sn” upload yesterday on this service very interesting Saab 3D project. This is Saab emblem for the trunk (back) door, actually Alternative Saab Tailgate Badge/Emblem -for up the 2012+ trunk decor strip (Chrome Strip beneath the window on the boot/tailgate of a Saab 9-3). Here’s how it looks printed emblem, now it must be
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3D Model Saab 9-3x

This 3D model of Saab 9-3x was created on real car base. It’s created accurately, in real units of measurement, qualitatively and maximally close to the original. 3D model of Saab 9-3x is Ready to render and royalty free, by creativecrash.com marketplace of digital assets. The model is provided combined, all main parts are presented as separate
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Tune your Saab in 3D Virtual Car Tuning

International team of car and design enthusiasts is proud to present you 3DTuning.com, the first free resource entirely dedicated to photorealistic virtual car tuning. Whether you are searching for a specific tuning option for your car or just want to play around with the car of your dream, 3DTuning.com is the web site for you. Their project
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The 3D Printed Variable Turbo?!

Christian von Koenigsegg showcases the One: 1’s patented variable turbo, providing the perfect boost for any RPM level. Fully 3D printed (!?), with moving parts printed within the enclosed chamber, something never done before: