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Saab at the 24 Hours Of LeMons race

Meet Norma The Orange Blur, Norma is fast Orange Saab from eEuroparts.com Motorsport Team. Rules of the race 24 Hours Of LeMons are very specific and rigorous. In this race have a very strict rule-set banning leaving the track for any reason. For they team of red blooded American boys that meant 5 black flags on the first day. 
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Honda N600 With A Saab B234 engine and Saab 900 Drivetrain

Honda N360 is a kei car, manufactured and marketed by Honda from March 1967 through 1970. After a January 1970 facelift, the N360 became the NIII360 and continued in production until June 1972. A larger-engined variant, the N600, was marketed through 1973. The 24 Hours of LeMons is a series of endurance races held on paved
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