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Shark Saab in Banger Rally Challenge 2015


This year’s Banger Rally Challenge  from Cornwall to Salo has just ended, and lasted from 1 to 5 October. This event is categorically not a race across Europe, This is an opportunity of a lifetime, a trip to remember, driving on some of Europe’s finest and most scenic roads.

shark saab convertible

The only snag is that your car has to cost around a measly £350 to be entered in to the Banger Rally category or you may just like to drive a more expensive vehicle which you will not be eligible to the prize money but you can still raise money for charity.

Banger Rally Challenge 2015

Banger Rally Challenge 2015

For only five days, the participants of the rally ride through the 7 European countries. Managing to coax your chosen wreck to the finish point should be rewarding enough but at the final night’s presentation ceremony, over £2000 worth of cash prize’s will be awarded to the teams scoring the most points in each of the daily tasks and the overall winner will also receive a cash prize and a suitable trophy. An additional prize of £300 will be awarded for the most imaginative/decorated car and there occupants.

In this year’s rally was particularly emphasized one Shark Saab 9-3 Convertible :)


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