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  1. John Barbour

    Current ride, 2009 9-3, Laser red, auto., parchment interior, Bose, Premium Bridgestone RE-11’s.
    Past, 2003 9-3 Linear, Silver, grey, auto,Premium
    1999 9-3, Laser, tan,
    1987 900-S; met green, tan velour, 5 sp

  2. Wai-Chee Lee

    My 1985 Saab 900i is the only running in my home town, Kuala Belait, Brunei. Not quite in mint condition but it is my pride and joy.

  3. Olav Arnfinn berg

    I have a lefthanddrive saab 99 turbo, with 5 door.
    The name its 99 t 5ck-sim-po
    Reg at ANE 668 IN SWEDEN!
    Swedish polis car from 1978.
    Built 100 in this version.
    Its some 900 GLE on it.

    Have enybody som information for me?

  4. Dan McGuire

    1991 Saab 900 Turbo for sale. 160,437 miles. White with black convertible top. Runs very well and has newer tires. Needs some interior work. Reply via email if interested.

  5. matt

    some fella wants to trade my 84 pontiac fiero for a saab 900 motorcycle…is there such a thing??and if so ?? would it be worth it?? thanks everyone

  6. John Dunn

    Hello fellow Saab tragics,
    Recently I was fortunate to purchase a 1983 , 8valve ,manual ,leather, turbo, sun roof, that is fully optioned, and I have some confusion regarding the actual model. This car has similar paint work to the 4 door LUX ( two tone) but my Saab is 2 door.
    Can anybody tell me the model details that apply to this car, please ???

    John Dunn

  7. Donna R.

    I have a SAAB 2006 9.5 , 2.3 L turbo. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if you have ever heard of having a problem with the vent that blows into the back seat, the one that comes out the back of the middle arm rest, it is blowing air so hot that it feels like it will melt the seat, even when the air conditioner is running. Can I get some guidance on this?

  8. Robert Lim

    Please advise where can I buy the 2010 Saab 9-5 Vector DVD Player c/w Navigation and reserve camera.
    What the cost to ship to Singapore

  9. Janice waterman

    Dear Sir, I just read the article published about the 2002 oil prob with the Saab. I was actually looking for a 2002 Saab engine 9-5 series turbo 2.3 liter. I was amazed to read about the probs that the oil has created the ruined engines and its Saab fault. I would like to know who I contact or talk to or do indeed an atty at this point as my Saab engine blew up and it was well taken care of. I would appreciate an email at your convenience to help me with this. I appreciate it so much. This explains a lot that’s for sure.
    Yours Truly,
    Janice Waterman
    [email protected]

    1. Mike Sommerwill

      The problem is the oil strainer in the sump. Before GM took control of the Saab the strainer in the sump used a gauze that that was not so fine and therefore allowing oil to flow more freely. The gauze that GM fitted restricted the oil to the point that it soon clogged resulting in the turbocharger and engine starving of oil.
      I have modified a few of these strainers and have not had any engine problems since. The external filter removes any small particles that are likely to be in the oil any that is easily changed when the car requires an oil change. I’m sorry if you find this information has arrived a little late but I’m I New Zealand.
      Kind regards, Mike.

  10. Yves Basset

    I’m looking for the way of getting a COC (cerfificat of conformity) for my 900 turbo cabrio of 1993 bought in Poland in order to register it in France. Does anyone know where to ask for it ?

  11. Roy Chui

    This is Roy Chui of SAAB Art, just want to say thanks to you for sharing my SAAB Monthly Calendars! This is my sixth year of doing this project. Yes, persistence is needed, your sharing of my works is an encourage to me. thanks for your support! Wishing you and your blog has a Successful 2016! Roy

  12. jonny

    seeking an extension to the front bumper of saab 9-5 ll,
    (” modell Hirsch”) [email protected]

  13. neil dale

    dear sir could you send me a sample copy of your magazine i have a 2002 saab 9-3 viggen cv thx neil dale 2660 s mann ave tucson arizona 85730-1666 usa

  14. John Baker

    Current car 2010 93 1.8t turbo edition sportcombi
    Previous 2004 93 1,8t linear convertible

    Does anyone have a link to a Saab Performance Team video showing synchronised parallel parking (3 x 93 I think)? – I know I have seen it in the past- very impressive but can’t seem to find it now. Lots of other SPT videos out there but none showing that particular spectacle!


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