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Saab Short movie: “Made by Trollhättan”


And here’s the background of this movie from authors: “…I saw a brand new SAAB in my neighborhood. My childhood town proudest marker. Now SAAB is not available anymore. And I’m not young or promising any longer. But still I hope. And have the same dreams when I was eighteen. Before I moved somewhere else. And was anyone else.Today everything is exposed. Me and you we want to or not. regardless.

This is not a commercial, This video is an attempt to capture the feeling.

Directed by Marcus Dimbodius. Production company: Vekling Film. Photography: Johannes Berner and Mikael Göthage. Sound Design: Martin Blomberg, Handlebar Productions. Post production: Nicklas Estberg, Rännstensfilm. Music: Hej Då by David Urwitz.

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