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SAAB TTiD Fuel Economy


I took the opportunity and made ​​the Night Panel pic (see above title)…

Official mpg SAAB figures for my 1.9 TTiD (180hp) SportCombi: Combined is 47.9mpg. Very optimistic, but not so real. But, in real situatiion, TTiD is very economical and cost efective.

Fot mini test od Fuel Economy, I drove about 100 km combined city and predominantly motorway, I achieved 51.2 mpg, respectively 4,6 Liter per 100 kilometer. Great number for Car nearly 2 tons!

In city, My experience says that the average consumption od TTiD is about 7,2 l/100km, or 33mpg.

What is your experience with your SAAB?




3 thoughts on “SAAB TTiD Fuel Economy

  1. Matevz

    I’ve got the same engine.. avg fuel consumption around 7.0l, if driving really carefully around 6.8.. on combined roads..



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