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Saab driver saved by his 9-5

Saab 9-5 Accident in latvia

People who were saved by a Saab usually buy another one…and I’m sure will do the same this unfortunate Saab 9-5 driver from Latvia.

Very serious car accident took place in Latvian city Rēzekne (23/04/15). Driving over the bridge, Saab 9-5 driver run off the road. Car broke through barrier and crashed into a drain. Driver received minor injuries and was taken to hospital.

Saab 9-5

Saab 9-5

Rollovered Saab 9-5

Rollovered Saab 9-5

Statistics show, If the vehicle strikes a fixed object rolls over, the crash is likely to result in injuries or fatalities. Statistics from the US show that run off road crashes resulted in 31% of fatal crashes, but were only 16% of all crashes.

One thought on “Saab driver saved by his 9-5

  1. Simon

    No doubt Saabs are safe and a serious factor as to me owning them. Yet we should be careful not knowing impact speeds/angles let alone the exact incident. Previous photo shows the Ford crumbling nicely, add lack of Info. Was the driver ‘drunk’ – in accordance with the laws of which country? It also doesn’t necessitate that a drunken driver causes every accident. In all I’m huge on car safety but all accidents from vehicle to aviation require more analysis. A simple blog relating to old ready-to-scrap Saabs as per the Top Gear drop a 1980s Saab vs BMW tells us more! Anyhow a good read but more data and analysis is needed!


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