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Saab CX & EX


A rather odd Saab entry for the marketplace category this time, which was christened ‘CX‘. Now this is not some original factory one-off but a custom Saab designed and built by a guy from Oslo, Norway, called Per Ekstrøm. 1997 for the 50th anniversary the Norwegians Per Ekstrøm presented in Trollhättan its own SAAB.

Basically it’s a chopped 1975 Saab 99 and pretty well chopped. It’s kind of butch, that low roofline and fat tyres encased in those grey plasticky bits for some reason really add something to the car without looking vulgair.  Per used many bits here and there from newer Saab models which is probably why it still looks like Saab and not like a botch-job from a shed. Car apparently comes with a 200hp Saab 900 T16 engine and with that it will probably go like stink.

Saab EX

Curiously the guy who designed this car also built a similar model called the ‘EX‘ which alongside the CX turned up at a Saab festival in Tröllhättan a few years ago.

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