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Saab 99 “Saabaru” LEGO Car

Saab 99 lego

Big fan of Lego – Senator Chinchilla has built what appears to be an good old Saab 99, but  this is not an “ordinary” Saab 99 Lego model.

This Saab has a few surprises, for underneath there sits the boxer engine and running gear from a Subaru, meaning this sensible Swede is an all-wheel-drive rally weapon.

Of course, Saab 99 had never had anything to do with Subaru, but another model There was! It was the Saab 9-2X, though, not the old 99. :)

Saab 99 by Lego

Saab 99 lego

Subaru boxer engine in Saab 99

Subaru boxer engine in Saab 99

Saab 99

LEGO Saab 99


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