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Saab 900/9000 MY1987 information

Saab 900 turbo MY 1987

This is very interesting Saab video in which host introduces us with technical updates on the new Saab 900 Trubo model for 1987 (variants: 900, 900 Turbo, SPG…) and Saab 9000 MY 1987.

A new grille, headlights, and so-called “integrated” bumpers freshened the Saab 900’s look for 1987, though the sheet metal was unchanged. Several common parts for the Saab 900 and Saab 9000 were introduced for 1988 model year, including brakes and wheel hubs. A water and oil cooled turbocharger (replacing the older oil-cooled unit) was also introduced to improve the unit’s durability.

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