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Saab 900 SE Premiere 1993

Saab 900 SE Cutaway

This very interesting video from Debut of the Saab 900 SE at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the distant 1993. The 900 SE model was produced in May 1990 and came with 5-doors Irridium Blue with blue-pin stripes down the sides. The car also featured multi-spoke alloys, full electrics, grey leather seats and wood effect as standard. Only 300 were originally made for the UK market, with a choice of either a 2.0L N/A engine or 2.0L lpt version.Later more SE versions were made; e.g. the 3 door LPT 900 SE Aero (1993). However these were not part of the original limited run.

Debutpresentation at the Frankfurt Motor Show was impressive – Cutaway. A popular trend at car shows and launch events is to show a cutaway, revealing the intricate details and mechanics of these beautiful machines. By stripping away parts of the exterior and coverings, and in this case – engine, viewers can get up close to appreciate the sophistication and engineering of today’s automobile.

This is one of the most interesting  Saab presentations at fairs ever:


Saab 900 Launch 1993

Presentation video for the “new” Saab 900 made for the launch in 1993. The tagline was: “The new 900. Very Saab!

Saab 900 and Saab Real life Safety

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