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Saab 9-3 in erotic romance “Fifty Shades of Grey”

Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan Grey

As is generally known, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is a very popular erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James.

But, but Little Known Fact is that in this novel appears a Saab / Saab 9-3 Convertible!


The concept of mentioning the cars and vehicles in detail has really caught the attention of readers.

After Ana‘s (Starring Role) Audi A3 was vandalized by Leila – former lover of Mr. Grey, Christian Grey takes her to get a new car and calls it a late graduation present. He picks out a Saab 9-3 2.0T Sport Sedan for her, instead of another Audi A3.

Saab 9-3 Convertible

Ana chooses the color silver for her Saab, and that it be a convertible. The Saab becomes Anastasia’s primary car before she receives the Audi R8 from Mr. Gray for her birthday.

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