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Richard Göransson and Team Tidö fourth in STCC 2014 season


Richard Göransson and Team Tidö finishes fourth in the 2014 Edition of Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC) after this weekend’s finale at Mantorp Park. Roger Samuelsson in the team’s third SAAB 9-3 took the 14th place in both of this weekend’s race.

In first race, Richard Göransson failed to get his Saab 9-3 STCC going in time for the warm up lap and had to start from last position. The Team Tidö driver fought his way to seventh position ahead of Philip Forsman, Mattias Andersson and Emma Kimiläinen (Saab 9-3 STCC).

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In second race, Richard Göransson held third position for the majority of the race, but was caught by Larsson who charged from sixth position on the grid. Larsson made his way past Göransson but could not create a gap to the Saab driver who finished just 0.172 seconds behind the BMW driver.

Jan ”Flash” Nilsson was the only retirement of the race, coming to a halt in the pits due to a technical problem.

I race results

01 Fredrik Larsson 15 laps
02 Andreas Wernersson +5.632
03 Linus Ohlsson +6.111
04 Thed Björk +6.375
05 Daniel Haglöf +6.825
06 Fredrik Ekblom +7.194
07 Richard Göransson +8.551
08 Philip Forsman +9.627
09 Mattias Andersson +10.060
10 Emma Kimiläinen +10.464

II race results

01 Fredrik Ekblom 15 laps
02 Thed Björk +0.856
03 Fredrik Larsson +1.173
04 Richard Göransson +1.345
05 Philip Forsman +6.518
06 Linus Ohlsson +9.182
07 Daniel Haglöf +9.692
08 Mattias Andersson +15.294
09 Emma Kimiläinen +16.070
10 Andreas Wernersson +38.278


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