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Police Saab 900i for Collectors

Police Saab 900i Svenska

German company “Model Car Group” has specialized in the production and sale of scaled models of classic cars.

For this sales service, the new Saab model created by Premium X – They created a small replica of a Police Saab 900i (Item No. No.PRXD450) that will delight all Saab collectors.

Polis-Saab 900

It is a replica of Saab who was serving the Stockholm police in 1987. The model is made in scale 1:43 and is made of a combination of metal and plastic. The model was produced in the usual Premium X high-quality and reflects back the original as possible.

Saab 900 Police Scale model

Saab 900 Police Scale model

Also, This model can be found in a number of specialized online store, and the price is around €35.

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