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“My Saab Gave Up Its Life to Save Us!”

In the New year coming to us interesting stories about the rescue of Saab passengers.

Another Saab lost but passengers walked away unscathed. Interesting Saab story sent to us Jean Fanning, and the center of attention was the beautiful yellow Saab Viggen.

Beautiful Monte Carlo yellow Saab Viggen before accident

Beautiful Monte Carlo yellow Saab Viggen before accident

But here’s the thing: the firsthand Saab experience: “I guess even on its last ride, the beautiful ’99 Saab Viggen did its job and protected its passengers!

Sadly, ran into black ice or slippery oil on interstate in West Virginia Christmas Eve and lost control, went in semi-circle across lanes and landed against concrete rail facing oncoming traffic. Another vehicle did same thing shortly after me… a difficult experience to have it totaled especially when I wanted it to last for years to come…miss it a lot.

My third Saab and my favorite!

Saab Viggen after accident

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