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Jennifer is a Saab mechanic

Saab girl mechanic

Statistics show that, there are around 200 female mechanics compared to 500,000 male mechanics working (data for UK – 0.04%).

When they see a woman mechanic, Some of the guys would make horrible, sexist comments, but many of the women drivers would want to talk to female technician.

This Saab girl does not need a mechanic

This Saab girl does not need a mechanic

These interesting pictures sent to us Jennifer Waller – She herself is taking care of her favorite car – Saab 9-3 SS.

There is no reason women can’t do it. It’s not about brute strength. There is a tool for everything. In fact, women have certain characteristics that make them perfect for the trade. Women are dextrous, patient – they have less of a tendency to throw a spanner across the room.

Saab woman mechanic

The more women that do it, the more other women will see it as an option (as a professional occupation).

One thought on “Jennifer is a Saab mechanic

  1. Amanda

    Now do the same photo shoot with a male mechanic wearing short shorts , spread eagle inside the hood.
    Don’t want sexist comments? Don’t do sexist things.


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