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Guess Who Drives an All Turbo Saab?

saab turbo

Here’s a very nice, very positive Saab TV commercials from 1999, for Australian market. All the best copywriters commissioned to write smart adverts that deliver on their promises, know that if they don’t get this part right, little else in the advertisement stands much of a chance to make any difference to the end result.

In the heading of this ad says: “Until you experience the feeling of Saab Turbo…its all just talk.” Saab Turbo – Putting a smile on people’s faces is one of the greatest things SAAB Trubo can do…

One thought on “Guess Who Drives an All Turbo Saab?

  1. John

    Heh, I’m actually Australian, with a 1999 Saab 9-3 Turbo, in the colour of the one in the commercial.


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