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Fantastic Sound of Saab 96 at the Track

Saab 96 2 stroke sound

This is very interesting footage from Saab meeting at Mittsverigebanan racetrack located outside Härnösan in Sweden, May 24, 2014

Just listen to the fantastic sound of Saab’s 96 V4 engine. Its crisp and perfectly metallic resonance never gets old. It also has a nice lumpy idle that sounds much more manly than the car looks.


4 thoughts on “Fantastic Sound of Saab 96 at the Track

  1. Seth

    Change “Saab’s 96 V4 2 Stroke engine.” to “Saab’s 96 inline 3 cylinder 2 stroke engine” and this article wont look so foolish.

  2. Glenn Maretti

    There´s nothing called a v4 2-stroker……. ;-)
    The v4 is a 4-stroke engine
    The 96 2-stroke is an in-line 3 cyl.

    Best regards


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