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Extended versions of the Saab 99 and 900

Here’s the kind of image Saab fans can only expect from Valmet Automotive.

After designing, engineering and manufacturing extended versions of the Saab 99 and Saab 900 models in Uusikaupunki, Finns had plans for a Saab 9000 limousine, but these were never realized and all they have left are designs, now in Valmet Automotive’s archives.

Saab 99 GLE-L

This is the first extended Saab model made in Valmet Autoomotive in Uusikaupunki (Finland) – Saab 99 GLE-L from 1976. The front part comes from theSaab 99, the rear from the futureSaab 900

Saab 99 GLE-L

Extended Saab 99 GLE-L

One thought on “Extended versions of the Saab 99 and 900

  1. Mauri Virtanen

    The 99 was available as a combi-coupe from 1974 onwards so the rear is not from a 900 (introduced in 1978). Also, you have a typo in Valmet name.


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