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Clever Design: Passenger Side Review Mirror Dipping in Reverse

passenger mirror for reverse

Saab has had a great lineup of capable detail-oriented designers from the very beginning. Some would say;  their solutions were strange,  their solutions were quirky… But, when you think about it, you can see that they were right.

For example, some have wondered why the buttons are large in cockpit. But the answer is very simple – Saab engineers assumed drivers would be wearing gloves, so they designed big buttons  for dashboard.

Saab Big Buttons

Saab Big Buttons

Practicality and Usability are the key words. Similarly, such were the solution to creating a separate buttons for tilt down passenger side mirrors.

Some Saab owners are not familiar with the function of the button. In contrast to this Saab solution, Some manufacturers set the tilt down side mirror automatically when you switch into reverse. Of course, this is not always necessary when you switch it in reverse. That is whay Saab designers created a special button.

For more convenient parking, you can press button – and the passenger-side exterior rear view mirror will tilt downw when in reverse – so that you can see the rear wheel and the road curb.

 passenger mirror for reverse

Left button serves to fold mirrors, and the right button is used for mirror tilt down

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