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Fantastic Saab Sonett III Racer in Portugal

One beautiful Saab Sonett III is a participant in historic race in Portugal called “Relaxed Historic Racing“. This race event is organized by “Race Ready” club and leading Motorsport race promoter in Portugal. A series of great Historic Racing in which all races are held somewhere in the Iberian Peninsula. Organized by Diogo Ferrao, Iberian Historic Endurance averages 37 teams each
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Saab 9-3 SS Rally Footage

These interesting motorsport footage were recorded on a Rally race held this weekend in the Brukssvängen. It is a video of the first special stage, and filmed from specially prepared Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan cockpit – and crew consists of a driver Henrik Oscarson and navigator Roger Lindholm. We see some exciting rally driving, but we also get to listen to the sweet unmuffled
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Björn Wirdheim in Saab takes double STCC pole position

Flash Engineering team driver Björn Wirdheim in Saab 9-3 takes double pole position of the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship qualifying sessions at Solvalla. With this success he scored 25 points in STCC Championship. Björn Karl Michael Wirdheim is a Swedish professional racing driver. He is the son of Örnulf Wirdheim, also a racing driver. Björn began racing karts, competing in
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Reuben Kressner – Young competitor in Saab car

One of this year’s drivers in Flash Engineering STCC team – Reuben Kressner 19 years old. After spending the last two seasons in French Formula 4, Kressner returns to racing in his native Sweden this year, competing for the esteemed Flash Engineering outfit run by Swedish touring car legend Jan “Flash” Nilsson. Kressner, a Stockholm resident, finished sixth
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First STCC victory for SAAB in Karlskoga race!

Flash Engineering team driver Björn Wirdheim in Saab 9-3 claimed his first STCC victory in the second race at Karlskoga last weekend. Also, This is the first victory for Saab brand, and the first win for the Flash Engineering team in this season. Saab driver started from the fifth position, but the skillful driving managed to get to first
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Lady in Saab 900 Turbo – 2016’s PHA Hill Climb Series

Hill Climbing…Last real form of Open Road Racing in America… Eli Sharp, the PA SAAB MAABs newest member (Lady in Saab), takes Red (Saab 900 Turbo) up the hill at Pagoda for 2016. “RED” Saab 900 Turbo worked well all weekend running a fresh motor with 20 street miles on it. No leaks, no blown off intercooler hoses,
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Saab 96 Sport at Budapest Grand Prix 1964 [video]

The ETCC was established to allow competitive racing for production cars in Group 2 (essentially mildly tuned standard production cars), from 1964 – 1968. The 1963 European Touring Car Challenge was the inaugural season of what would become the European Touring Car Championship. Alan Turner (Alan Mann Racing) this week published an interesting video from the sixties  – very
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SAAB‬ Motorsport by Rally and Racing Films

CineCars is about iconic cars and their drivers. This week the studio released an old SAAB video… This Video “‪‎SAAB‬ Rally and Racing Films” is from the time When SAAB used to be SAAB – quirky and fun and different… Enjoy!

Saab Sport 1964 in FIA Historic Hill Climb Championship 2016

Saab Sport was launched in 1962 as a replacement for the Saab GT750. It used the same body shell as the Saab 96, with slight modifications and with a different interior configuration and equipment. The engine was an 841 cc two-stroke three cylinder engine with one Solex carburetor per cylinder, giving 52 hp (39 kW). This is Saab Sport 1964
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Saab 96 – AWD vs. FWD vs. RWD Explained

This Jalopnik video will help clear up some doubts. There are 4 different types of transmissions you can choose from that differ in how the wheels drive the car. These four include rear-wheel drive (RWD), front-wheel drive (FWD), all-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD); all four are built differently. Some say this video is boring, perhaps it
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“Fart-hinder” Saab 9-3 Racing Weekend

Guys from the company decided to enter the mid-April ChumpCar Landjaeger Cup at Road America, a pair of 7 hour races at America’s first (and still the best) road racing facility. In order to differentiate from the Fart-hinder Saab 900 that they have raced in the past, the Saab 9-3 was entered as “Fart-kontroll” –
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Timeattack: Saab 9-3 ss Nordic Motorsport

Yesterday on the racetrack Kinnekulle Ring held the final series race in Timeattack competition. Among hundreds of participants in Pro Class race was Rolf Uhr with his incredibly fast Saab 9-3 ss (+500hp). His time was 1:00.581, and the average speed was 123,128 km/h (76.5 mph). See below a great shot from his cockpit, and notice how fast this Saab:

Rally as a family sport

Rallying has always been a sport characterized by passion for both competitors and spectators. Rallying’s a difficult sport to get started in if you’re not connected to it somehow. That’s why a lot of today’s top rally drivers have had dads, mums, uncles or second cousins who’ve competed before them. Rallying became very popular in
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