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Saab 99s on the assembly line in 1973

From time to time, the company Valmet Automotive boost our happiness with some new detail on the history of the company, but in the same time the history of Saab brand. This time, Valmet published so far unpublished picture of Saab 99s on the assembly line in 1973! As you see in the picture, The closest car is in
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Wired: Saab’s Weird Joystick-Controlled Car Wasn’t a Super Idea

Wired magazine that reports on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy and politics, published today known interesting story about Saab Drive-by-Wire concept from 1992. Of course, for them too, Saab was always quirky in a cool way. The test car SAAB 9000, even has side-mounted joystick instead of a steering wheel. The system is fail-safed with reserve
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