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Saab Do It Yourself

DIY: iPad in a SAAB 9-3

Followers of blog have done an impressive DIY work,  and they were integrate iPad Mini in the SAAB 9-3 dashboard. Here were several unsuccessful attempts, but Now iPad Mini  sits in place and its is fully functional,  together with the charge and play music, videos etc.:

How to Add an AUX Input to a Saab 9-3?

This great DIY video shows how to add an AUX input jack to a 2003 or newer Saab 9-3. Before doing this you might want to look in your center armrest and see if there’s one there already. If your car is a 2003 through 2005, go to SaabCentral forum  to see how to connect the
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More Power for Your Saab – DIY Intercooler Water Spray

How To Make An Intercooler Water Spray With Simple Stuff From Your Local DIY Store. The guys at Mighty Car Mods have put together this awesome guide on how to build your own intercooler water spray with a variety of simple and inexpensive parts: Better DIY Intercooler Water Spray This solution is better, The guys
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Saab 9-5 DIY videos

FCP Euro is a European automobile parts supplier that has been slowly making a name for itself. You can found out that FCP Euro is publishing DIY videos on Youtube. The videos are like their website, well laid out, easy to understand and do a good job explaining Saab maintenance tasks.  They have a whole series of these
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DIY Saab 93 from Cuba

The fact that the import ban on cars in Cuba is lifted was hope for the locals. But, for the average Cuban with a monthly salary of 20 USD buying a new car is the dream. This Saab 93 has its roots in America, but to be able to drive at all, he had to
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How to Fix a Saab SID (Saab Information Display) Knob? [video]

This great DIY video shows how one SAAB owner repair Saab Information Display (SID) knob to working again. This is a common problem with Saab 9-3‘s. You turn the knob but the display doesn’t change, or when it changes it skips three steps and passes over the setting you’re trying to select.