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Saabs Commercial and Advertising Campaign

Ads for Saab 9-3 TTiD

The Print Ad titled “Saab 9-3 TTiD – Extra Power: Truck” was done by Leagas Delaney Milan advertising agency for brand: Saab in Italy. It was released in the Jan 2008: Similar to this Print Ad, Agency LOWE Brindfors (SWEDEN, Stockholm) created this video Ad:

Classic Aero Ads: Saab 900

The beginning of this Saab 900 advert opens with an unidentified man striding purposefully across a luna-esque landscape and opening the door to what will eventually be revealed as the aforementioned Saab 900. The ad is accompanied by a background of garbled air-traffic control radio messaging while the 900 zooms off, scattering gravel from the
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McCann Ads for Saab

General Motors =2008) is assigning the U.S. advertising accounts for its Saab brand and its corporate ads to the McCann Erickson agency in suburban Detroit. 4 years ago McCann did some Ads for Saab, but this video advertising is never used: Saab/McCann/RTT “Intro” from Madsound on Vimeo. Saab/McCann/RTT “XWD” from Madsound on Vimeo. Saab/McCann/RTT “Snow”
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