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Saabs Commercial and Advertising Campaign

Saab Convertible Weather Map

Here’s a great advertising campaign from 2010 for Saab cars in Spain by Mccann Erickson (Madrid). With the advent of Spring, Saab has asked the agency McCann a small-format print campaign to create awareness of the soft-top (Convertible) models in Saab 9-3 range. But, guys from creative agency Mccann came to the brilliant idea. They
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“Release Me” – Saab Release The Power of Nature

2007 Saab company has performed a very good and effective international promotional campaign for the eco-friendly BioPower, featuring a powerful combination of cinematography and soundtrack from Swedish group “Oh Laura“. Music was written especially for this campaign, capturing the fragility and softness of nature to counteract the hard steel of car. The Saab TV ad, filmed in muted
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Guess Who Drives an All Turbo Saab?

Here’s a very nice, very positive Saab TV commercials from 1999, for Australian market. All the best copywriters commissioned to write smart adverts that deliver on their promises, know that if they don’t get this part right, little else in the advertisement stands much of a chance to make any difference to the end result. In the
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“Born From Jets” Creative Advertising Campaign

Over the past decade the New York agency Lowe New York have made a large numbers of successful marketing campaigns for Saab cars. One of the interesting Lowe campaign was led by Simon Bowden – and the name of the campaign was “Born From Jets Dealership Campaign“. Challenge was to bring “Born from jets” campaign into dealership
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Beautiful Animated SAAB Commercials by Jeanne-Philippe Delhomme

1995 SAAB company has hired well-known illustrators to get customers (target: college graduates) attention with interesting advertising campaign. Saab Cars USA has used animation for Saab 900 NG ads that debuted during April 1995. Saab USA had hoped the unconventional approach will appeal to the independent streak in car buyers, and “Find your own road” was the theme of Saab. In that
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Saab – In A Class Of It’s Own

Here is a rarely seen SAAB promotional video in two parts. According to uploader,thi is SAAB advert-video video is from the mid-80s and has been produced in Austria, for German-speaking countries. In that time, the Swedcar Import GmbH was responsible for the import of SAABs to Austria until 2001 when GM took over that part.
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Saab 900 NG TV Commercial for Italian market

Interesting commercial video from the ’90s of the beautiful Saab 900 NG for Italian market. This video comes from a VHS distributed by Saab to press at the time. We liked this commercial and think that while no longer directly affiliated with Saab aircraft, the heritage remains in latter Saab cars (9-3 and 9-5). Sorry for
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Varta TV Commercial and Rusty Saab 96

Very nice advertisement for Varta autmotive batteries in which “plays” an old abandoned Saab 96. This old Saab has long been lying abandoned in the woods, classic  Saab that has rusted and become overgrown, covered with low vegetation… Nothing indicates that this car could be in operation…except windscreen wiper…

Saab Performance Team in Istanbul

This rare videos brings us a Saab Performance Team show back to 2007. An exhibition held at Hezarfen Airport in Istanbul on May 5th, 2007, in which the Saab Performance Team displayed their 20 years of acrobatic experience. Attendees interested in taking a test drive had the chance to try out Saab’s new line of cars. Saab rally drivers
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Saab. A car that reads the road.

Here’s an interesting and rarely seen advertisements for Saab XWD System (Haldex Generation 4) from printed media. This Ad “A car that reads the road. What a novel idea.” has been advertised by Saab USA in 2009, in National Geographic, Wired, Runner’s World, Princeton Alumni Weekly, Bicycling, etc. And, in the commercial says: “Most all-wheel drive systems are designed to react
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Vintage Piezo Eletronic SAAB Lighter

This is very interesting Saab stuff, Very nice collectors piece, also can be a nice gift to any Saab fan. This is Flamex xtr-then Piezo Eletronic SAAB Lighter (Ebay price: US $75.00), made in Japan. This vintage Saab Lighter is special for its simple design, simple, smooth lines. Also, Saab lighter will come with the orginal Flamex  case.The lighter hasnt been tested,
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Saab 900 Turbo Commercial 1989

This is classic Saab 900 Turbo Commercial from 1989 created for the Australian market. As a non-domestic car, Saab there advertise as “a leader in safety, luxury and performance – first class European motoring ar an affordable price…“ At that time, in Australia, its price was 29,550 Australian dollars,  which was 22.753 US dollars.

SAAB – An Ordinary Day

“Snap your fingers…“says the song by Mauro Scocco from the video. Old Promo (Very 80s) film for Saab 900 Convertible, Although the title has the word “ordinary” – this is a very unordinary advertisement for Saab with Mr. Johnson in the lead role. But, Mr. Johnson really doesn’t look like a typical Saab-driver. the film is produced by studio
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Plácido Domingo drove the Saab 9-5 BioPower

Back in 2007, the company SAAB hired the world’s renowned tenor Plácido Domingo in promotion and to support driving solutions based on bioethanol, one of the world’s most exciting and effective ‘green fuels‘. Placido Domingo, with the help of the Environmental Ministry of Spain, has used a Saab 9-5 BioPower for his daily activities, thus contributing to obtain
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Saab Performance Team in Icy Conditions

There is nothing so good as remembering the good times. Saab Performance Team in Icy Conditions from 2008 at event Ice Experience. So far we have seen a lot of videos of Saab Performance Team, but we have not seen this video shot in icy conditions. Enjoy great ride of  Saab performance team: