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Samsung Connect Auto (OBD II) brings LTE data to your SAAB

Samsung Electronics wants to turn even old clunkers into smart cars by plugging dongles running the Tizen OS into their diagnostics ports. The Samsung Connect Auto dongle contains an LTE modem, a Wi-Fi hotspot, a GPS receiver and a tiny computer running Tizen, and connects to a car’s on-board diagnostic system via the OBD II
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Spyker Appeals Bankruptcy Decision

Spyker, on Thursday, won its bankruptcy appeal filed on Dec. 29 with the Appeals Court of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. This means, according to the company, “that by law Spyker was never bankrupt, and that the company has returned to the moratorium of payment status.” In early December, Spyker was granted the moratorium on payments
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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Even the most skilled drivers can lose control in wintery weather conditions. Blame something called black ice. Even heavy snowfall is problematic. The trick is to be careful and take your time while driving. That takes some maturity and patience, and not everyone has clued in to this bit of common sense.   While some
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Spyker in trouble

The court in central Netherlands ruled on Wednesday that sports car builders Spyker must evacuate their factory in Zeewolde within 7 days and must pay over 152 thousand euro in rental arrears. The landlord of the property, Jacques Walch, had previously sent several notices to the address of the car manufacturer. The rent has been
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GhostDash – HUD for Your Car That Lets You Race Yourself

Augmented Reality Ghost Car Technology , Now on Kickstarter… Anyone who’s played racing videogames like Gran Turismo or even Mario Kartknows the ghost car—the hologram that rides the track with you, recreating exactly the fastest lap you’ve driven. Following that car through the apexes is the best way to learn to drive consistently fast and beat
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Saab Performance Team: Glory Days on Videos

Many of you know Saab’s Performance Team, a group of drivers that can rival jet figher pilots while using Saab cars instead of planes. The adjacent video brings us a Saab Performance Team show back from 1987. We’re inviting you to watch every second of those video clips. This is not just car dynamics, it’s
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CLUB SAAB Uruguay Meeting

CLUB SAAB Uruguay was founded  9th of July 2008, And these days celebrated six years of existence. Saab is present in Uruguay since 1964. Very important Part of the Saab history of Uruguay is Jose Arijon, who was the Saab representative for Uruguay from 1964 and imported all the cars that Saab owners still enjoy today. See pictures from their last
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NEVS now employs about 400 people

NEVS-Saab, struggling to resolve serious financial difficulties by attracting new investors, said Wednesday it had shed 155 workers, close to a third of its workforce. The redundancies fell short of a previously announced figure of up to 200 employees. The company which now employs about 400 people gave no information about the progress in talks with
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1999 SAAB 9-3 Convertible 2.0i Turbo 232 HP

This great 1999  SAAB 9-3 Convertible 2.0i  Turbo 232 HP  (Original power 200 HP – 147 Kw) sent by Thierry Langel Vice-Président of the SAAB Club Romandie (Switzerland’s part where speak „french“) . So nice pics, thanks Thierry:  

Adjust Your Car Mirrors Properly To Avoid Accidents!

Many accidents could be avoided if everyone had their car side and rearview mirrors positioned correctly, eliminating blind spots and making it easier to change lanes quickly. This illustration from “Car and Driver” shows how your car mirrors should be positioned: The recommendations for how your mirrors should be adjusted come from the Society of
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This $500 Display Makes Every Saab Feel Like a Fighter Jet

When it comes to high-tech features, luxury car drivers get all the love. It’s true for massage seats, neck warmers, and self-parking systems. And it’s true for head-up displays, which project information onto a car’s windshield, so the driver can see how fast she’s going and what song is playing on the radio without taking
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GM Offers Millions to Victims of Crashes Caused by Defects

A General Motors compensation expert says the automaker will offer millions of dollars in compensation to victims of accidents caused by defective ignition switches. Kenneth Feinberg said compensation will be paid to people who were driving cars of a specific make, model and year known to have problems with ignition switches. When these parts failed,
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New tires Front or Rear?

You have only 2 new tires? If putting two new tires on a vehicle, they should always go on the REAR. Sounds like fuzzy logic, but this cheesy Youtube video will help make the point: