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A drunk driver saved by Saab

Saab saved drivers life

Some people have more luck than sense… The only safe blood alcohol level for driving is 0.00%.  Even one drink can impair your driving. But the Polish Saab driver not drink just one drink, he drank a lot more. His  Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) was 0.250 g/100 ml – totally intoxicated.

But fortunately for him, he was in Saab 9-3 Convertible…Here’s what’s left of the Car:

The driver was only slightly injured, he was taken to the hospital for medical examination and sobering.

One thought on “A drunk driver saved by Saab

  1. Luke Mallory

    Not sure that’s a good advertisement for Saab. If that had been a RHD car (like mine..!), it would have been curtains for him…


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