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30th Anniversary Rally for the Saab Convertible

Saab-Convertible Rally

30th Anniversary Rally for the Saab Convertible was a success.

Official Count is 75 Saab Convertibles. It was a fun-filled day. Maybe the Rocky Mountain Saab Club has the bragging rights to say that they assembled the largest collection of Saab Convertibles in North America, possibly the world?

Saab Convertibles

Saabers started gathering around 6:30am. Coffee and pastries were offered. For all the attendees participating, it was a warm feeling to meet new friends who have the same interests: a Saab Convertible. The photo was taken at 9:00am.


They scheduled a drive over Squaw Pass after the photo shoot. The drive took us through Morrison, Evergreen, to Squaw Pass road to Squaw Pass, to Echo Lake, to Idaho Springs to El Rancho for lunch. It was a breathtaking drive for all. Over 60 cars participated in the procession. Imagine 60 cars on a road drive.

30th Anniversary Rally for the Saab Convertible

After the drive we met at El Rancho for lunch. A free Hamburger & Hot Dog buffett was offered, along with Colorado’s Micro Brews

Rocky Mountain Saab Club hosted this event, and specila thanks to:
Jerry Danner – Chairman (thanks for this report)
Tom Nelson – Assistant
Tom Jansen – Assistant – Registration

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2 thoughts on “30th Anniversary Rally for the Saab Convertible

  1. john-saab

    2017 will see the 30th anniversary of convertible sales in the UK. We need to organise something like that over here.


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